About Us

Opening day was June 7th, 1962. We are open Monday through Friday, 9-4.


The center offers educational, social activities and self-enrichment fun for senior adults in Troy and Miami County. 



      25.00 for membership here at the center

      We accept credit card, cash and check

We have a community dinner every month! * Please call the office or sign up at the center by the first Friday of the month. $8.00 a person. 




The Center in the Community of Troy  

We are always accepting new membership and trying to grow. The Lincoln Center, Fire Department and the amazing city of Troy bring valuable resources, information and support to our Center.  Several local places around Troy visit the Senior Center to help meet healthcare, mental health and basic needs.   Many members give their own time to maintain the cleanliness of our facility and provide administrative support.  The Center works with the community to keep seniors with up-to-date information, as much as possible.