Moving and grooving at the Center
Guy in the blue shirt looks guilty!
Small group from the TSCC
Someone suggested to go biking from the TSCC and so this group meet and went biking. Great exercise.
These young ladies playing Qwerkle!
This isn't just any game, this is Qwerkle! You don't want to be qwerkled by one of these ladies because you will never forget it!
More Desserts!!  YUM-YUM
These guys are good!
Be careful they don't run the table on you!
Dancing is Fun Exercise!
Christmas breakfast
Bell Choir luncheon
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Pizza @ the Senior Center
Thanks to Lisa Beanblossom and Iva Dewitt-Hoblit for bring pizza to the Senior Center. Sponsored by the Covington Care Center.
Billards at its bes
Some great pool playing going on at the Senior Center!
Ladder Golf great follow through!
Donna and Nevin displaying their skills in Ladder Golf!
Halloween Party gets a scare!
Hard at work!
Members of TSCC helping with The United Way campaign.
Thanks BrookDale
Employees from BrookDale work at the center for our special dinner.
Stuffing letters
Having a good time stuffing envelops for a good cause and helping The United Way campaign.
Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it
Jean, you can't hear the eclipse by cupping your ears! The 3 amigos, talk about the blind leading the blind!
Debbie Nelson speaker @ the TSCC
"A place for Mom" Talked about all the different health care options for Seniors.
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Members @ StoryPoint
Great food sample for our TSCC members at StoryPoint Senior Living.
Chefs @ StoryPoint cooking!
Susie Lombardo, (Chef) & Patty Sullivan, (Lead Cook) making some samples of their special dish!
Kristy, Susie & Patty
Kristy Osting (Business Development) with cooks Susie and Patty Making great hostess at the luncheon at StoryPoint.
Head Chef
Connie and Nathen
What a wonderful meal that was prepared by the Randall Residence of Tipp City for our Series "Cooking with Darlene"
Our 3 Chili Judges for the cook-off
Tony Weber, Richard Bender and Kim Lippold have a very difficult job tasting and judging the chili cook-off. We would like to thank them for helping us in this activity. You guys did a great job!
Chili winners and judges
Congrats to our Champion Chile cook-off winner for 2017 and a big thank you to all who participated!
Look at all the chili
We had 10 contestants that were in the chili cook-off. You talk about GOOD chili. It was really hard to pick a winner but we finally made the tough choice.
Ok Gery, where are your cards!
Looks like a real serious card game. not! Nothing up his sleeve, right!
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